• Make participation part of the grade so they must participate or they will not get full marks.
  • Maybe have them do ecercises first thing they get into the classroom, I had a teacher that did that, we'd stretch and move around and it seemed to wake everyone up!
  • Two totally different suggestions: Walk as much as possible between classes, and fit in some small cat naps. Also drink plenty of water. People grossly underestimate the power of water. Do not substitute a caffeine drink, as that depletes your body resources. I have heard that some students are resorting to sniffing oxygen. That gives quick stimulation to the brain. Be sure to do some research before you try it.
  • I had a teacher in 11th grade that started each morning by playing a popular, upbeat song at the begining of the lecture, and on Mondays and Wednesdays, she threw out small treats like candy or granola bars to give us an energy boost. That was one of the few classes I didn't want to skip out on! Also, try giving them a points system where they can earn points through participation towards something like a free homework pass. Positive rewards yield positive results!
  • Scooby snacks!

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