• 1.77245385
  • an irrational number
  • cake squared
  • You can use a calculator to find the answer.
  • The sugar srystals they're made from - makes the berries sweet, lol
  • The square root of Pi (assuming Pi is a number) is another number, which, when multiplied by itself, produces the original number Pi. If Pi you mean is the famous number related to circles, etc., then its square root cannot be written on a regular piece of paper: since Pi is irrational, its square root is irrational too and, therefore, its decimal representation is infinitely long.
  • Continued from question^ -> Pie, as in the desert. If there's a real answer to this, or atleast a way to solve it, it'd make a very interesting piece of dinner theater. Also, pie are round.
  • I would take a piece of pie in the form of a square, it would be easier.
  • Mathematically speaking, it's spelled "pi". 1.77245385
  • 1.7728
  • Why does everyone ask this question, its easy to do yourself, that how everyone else here probably did it, just get out a calculator and type square root and the pi and then press enter. Simple. Sorry dont mean to be snappy!
  • Hmmmm. I'm really don't know of any 'square roots'. They are usually always rather circular.   BUT...It would be quite easy to cut sweet potatoes into squares for a sweet potato pie, though you might not get the same flavor as you would if you made it nice and smooth like a tradition pie.   Pot Pies are another story, though! White potatoes are traditionally cut into squares (cubes) for use in pot pies.   So, with that in mind, I would have to say that the square root of pie is the 'white potato'. :)
  • Mathematically, it's "pi" 1.77245385
  • Cubist apples, like Cezanne's.
  • It is the value that, when multiplied by itself, yields exactly the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter. This is an irrational number and cannot be typed out without a margin of error, therefore I will refrain from typing a few decimal places of a value close to the square root of pi. Why was this asked in Tourism? Nevermind. "yo yo yo homie g" must have merely visited school as a vacation. It makes sense now.
  • What type of pie are you referring to, apple pie or blueberry pie?
  • 1.7724538509055160272981674833411
  • What I got on my calculater was 1.772004514. *shrugs*

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