• Kicking team
  • Once it hits the player on the receiving team, the kicking can then gain possession of the ball instead of merely downing it, so in this instance the kicking team will have possession. Also, remember the golden rule - "i before e except after c"!!!
  • Receiving Team gets the ball. The ball was first touched by a member of the kicking team. This is called "Illegal Touching".
  • This is the same rule as the previous question. You are correct Preacher. However the ruling in called "first touching". Illegal touching refers to ineligible receivers being the first to touch a forward pass. Whenever the kicking team is the first to touch a kick, the receiving team will have the right to take the ball at the spot of the first touching no matter what happens later in the play. Only a penalty against the receving team can alter that.
  • The ball is downed as soon as it is touched by the kicking team, if no one on the receiving team has yet touched it. The receiving team gets the ball wherever the contact took place, provided it was out of the endzone. If contact was made within the endzone, the receiving team gets the ball at their own 20.

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