• I would say...line up some infants and the scale would be the expressions on their faces.
  • Sourness comes from acidic molecules, so the pH scale.
  • That's a good question! But since taste is a subjective measure... Sourness is associated with acidity, so I'd say the pH scale might work.
  • It seems to be a complex mixture of things. A sort of chemical process which suppresses sensory sensitivity to sweetness. Here is an article to help explain it:
  • I'm sure there is among professional food tasters (yes, they do exist!) Professional food tasters are typically trained to evaluate food qualities based on standardized foods (for example, meausing sour with lemon juice as a 8 and Tropicana lemonade as a 7)
  • Yes... your face. If your face bunches and scrunches up after you taste something sour, you can gauge how sour something is by how contorted your face is.
  • Well, Yes, My "Mouth Scale"! Tip of tongue = "Mild" = Sour Cream. Mid-Tongue = "Medium" = Apples, Good Cheesecake. To the "Ears" = "Extreme" = Sour Dough Bread, Vinegar. John
  • Yes it's called the sourness index.

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