• Yes, as long as the lease is in writing it is valid until the term of the lease is up. Once the term is up it would be your responsibility to make a new lease with the new landlord. If there is nothing in writing and the lease was a verbal month to month lease, you will have to follow the state/province rules regarding this. The link at the bottom will direct you to US state rules regarding lease and rental agreements (if that is your case).
  • Was your landlord the owner? if not, you will still have to answer to the owner for the signed lease. a landlord, is just the manager, for the owner. your signed lease is still valid and will continue to be valid, until its expiration date.
  • Yes. Is the landlord the owner? If not its all a moot point. If the the landlord is the owner then yes, it's a legal contract. If the owner of the car dealership died with no heir do you think you no longer owe the money for your car? The state takes over the property until they do a complete search for heirs. Just because one wasn't named doesnt mean there isnt one.
  • Check with his lawyer!
  • Check with his lawyer!
  • I could see this being a big mess if there was an individual owner. A county-appointed executor will probably not care much at all about your concerns as a tenant.

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