• I dont know, i call myself a Californian, its like a different country, lol
  • Because our country name and continent name are basically the same. I suppose we could say we are United States of Americans, but that's a lot to say. See the similar question that was posted yesterday regarding Canadians being North Americans.
  • Americans are associating themselves with their country. United States of America. Do you not see America in that name? They are just using the more convenient name. United Statians just sounds weird. Americans sounds better. I live in Canada and I think we got luckier with our name. :):)
  • It's easier to say than "unitedstatians"
  • There really is a good explanation for this. It has nothing to do with being politically correct or the ego of the residents of America. Simply, it's the only country with America in its name, the United States of America. Besides, it's easier to say American then United Statesan or Uniter Statesers or United Statesaquantifiers or whatever else one could come up with. I hope that this has satisfied you.
  • Because it's the only country with the name America in it. United States works, or America works for short. It's not being selfish or anything.
  • When they founded the USA, they exspected to get all of Anglo America to join them. This was evident in their attempt to massacare Canada in 1812. Also they used the name to unite the colonies as the only thing they had in commen was their location.
  • The only alternative would be to do what Spanish speakers do and say United Statesian - a bit of a mouthful, don't you think?
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      The Spanish say Americanos, which means people from the US. Nobody says "United Statesian.
  • Good Q, I think it's because over here in this Hemishpere we're the dominate force in terms of economy, and that sort, and plus so many people what to live here.
  • Some people use American, some people say United States, some people say USA. (or the equivalents in their languages). When I first moved to Belgium, I made a conscious effort to not say America, but United States, but honestly, I've encountered more people saying "America" than "United States", even here. I think it's just habit. I have never encountered anyone who sincerely didn't know what country someone was referring to when they used the term "America".
  • Because the English started calling us that over 400 years ago and we've had the name ever since. We got the name first and it stuck. Its only in the last few years that others (esp Canadians), looking for a reason to take a jab at us, are trying to dispute it and thus deny us our own identity. Their argumnent is not a factual one but en emotional one. Saying United Statian is about as stupid as calling the Spanish Kingdomians (since their official name is Kingdom of Spain) or calling the Canadians DOCs since they were previously called the Dominion of Canada. I could go on...Germans should be called Federal Republicans (or Bundesrepulikaners), the French called Les Républiqains since their official name is République française. The bottom line is that if you have any respect for another people and culture, you do your best to call them what they call themselves.
  • because they want too
  • AMERICA is NOT A COUNTRY....the USA is part of North America. Get that straight before you write an answer. If the British caused it or not there is no reason why U.S. citizens can claim America as a country name. That is rude and far far more serious than not politicly correct. They as power full ( yeah right, falling economy) as they let themselves be, it sounds like a dictatorship. They ar United staters...too bad if they got the short end of the stick. Change the trend. The country is the United States, therefore they are United Staters... Wake up and smell the coffee, you cant claim a continent as your own name!
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      You can if every other country's currency bases its currency on the America's
  • Because that's what we are. Americans. That's what we are known as and referred to all over the world. Americans. The United States of AMERICA. I really have to question the motivation of anyone that would question or want to change a practice that has occurred for centuries all over the planet. I suspect people in Central and South America choose to associate themselves with their individual countries to avoid any confusion. I think we would all get some very strange looks if we start saying "I'm north American" or "I'm Central American". Seems a little silly to me. Google "America" and look what you get.
  • Because to people from the US, there is only one country in the world and that is theirs
  • America is a continent, not a country, so anybody from it's 35 countries can be called "American"
  • The Americas, or America, are the lands of the Western hemisphere or New World, comprising the continents of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions. America may be ambiguous in English, as it is more commonly used to refer to the United States of America.The Americas cover 8.3% of the Earth's total surface area (28.4% of its land area) and contain about 13.5% of the human population (about 900 million people). Because, obviously, they are the center of 8.3% of the planet and the most important out of 900 million people (not all living in the US).
  • Well,I always found the situation iffy. The very name "United States OF America" acknowledges the united states is a part of America rather than America itself right? On another point, if the USA is really America, or only people from the USA are Americans, then where do people on other countries stand? By that logic, wouldn't other countries and their citizens exist in some sort of limbo? Lets say that for some hypothetical reason a country in Europe starts calling their citizens strictly "European". They could call themselves that, but Europe would be no less of a continent than it always has been so even if they call themselves that, everyone else in the continent would still be "European" right? It is not about anyone taking anyone's identity away, it's about the fact that America is a continent and everyone in it should be called an American just the same. The term "United Staten" or "United Statesians" might be a mouthful and have a rather unpleasant sound to it(at least until you get used to it kinda like with new foreign names) but it would be by far more accurate than saying "American". Quite frankly, it is absurd to say only people in the USA are Americans. No one is trying to take USA people's identity from them, it's more like people from the rest of the continent trying to get a bit of their identity back.
  • Because Central Americans and South Americans have countries with actual names. The US was not originally intended to be a single entity. We were supposed to be a loose federation of States, like the EU today.
  • I think some people like to assign some imperialist motivation to citizens of the United States of America calling themselves Americans and perhaps there are some who feel that way. Maybe for some it is a sense of arrogance too. I believe they are in the minority. I think honestly for most of us it's an easy short cut to say American. There is something else here too. Americans (as we refer to ourselves) are largely all from somewhere else. We are Native American, Greek, Kenyan, Chinese, German, Japanese, Canadian, Bolivian, Angolan, Australian, get my point? Most of our ancestors, with the exception of Native Americans, are from elsewhere. When I say I am an American I feel it is an inclusive term. It describes all of us who make up this country.
  • kiran1 had a good put it in a nutshell our country is called just so happens two continents have the same name. i am american and nothing else.well my german mother tells me im half german
  • Wrong. America is the United States only. South America is not referred to as America. Not for any bad reason, it just is not recognized by that name. America is USA. Period.
  • I've always wondered that myself! But not ANY country in the wastern hemisphere, just countries in North and South America.
  • The nations of south and central America are not called Americans because they are known as citizens of their nations not their continent. They are Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, Mexicans, Argentinans, Brazilians, Chileans Peruvians Uruguayans Paraguayans etc etc. We in the USA are the only country in the western hemisphere who call our citizens Americans. 2/4/23
  • That's a real problem, especially when the population of South America is greater than that of North America. SA=430M vs NA=365M > vs SA .>
  • In all, it's the Americas. The Americas are called the "New World" because people in Europe did not know they existed until 1492 when Christopher Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.
  • Those of Central and South America refer to their specific countries from an independent perspective. Their individual forms of government differ from the United States in that they do not recognize a central government that ties them together. The United States maintains ties with the individual states through its system of laws that are divided between state law and federal law, creating a dependency between both. Technically, the name of the country is the "United States of America". But it is referenced as either the "United States" or just "America" - either is correct.
  • Same reason the demonym associated with the Central African Republic is not Central African Republican - it'd be too awkward in colloquial use.

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