• Son of a. I was in France, celebrating a friend's birthday. I had 4000 dollars on me (stupid I know), on my WAY to the BANK to get it exchanged, and someone STOLE my wallet. Bleh.
  • when i was ten i hid 50$ under my bed and my brothers are drug addicts and when i looked it was gone
  • I lost once 50 Euro in the road while i was joking.. God i felt so stupid afterwards
  • $95....on transformers.... :)
  • i havnt lost money usually i am the one finding it
  • Lost $127,000 on the stock market when the dot-com bubble burst.
  • $210. I left my wallet on the top of a fridge in my kitchen and my wife was letting people in the house during a tag sale to look at furniture. Well somebody helped themselves to the contents of my wallet. At least they left the credit cards alone and left me with $1 in my billfold.
  • $20, because my jean pockets are not as tight as i first thought. Lost another $20 four days later... same jeans, same pocket.
  • Lost? $20 in a Three-card Monte hustle, though at the time I considered t a small price to pay to get him off my back. I had a bit more disposable income back then. Spent? $1000 on a car that died less than a year later.
  • I had volunteered for a non profit organization and they needed someone to collect money for literature and take it to one of the committee members who didn't make the meeting. I was supposed to meet them at the local Walmart since I didn't know where they lived. On the way my cell phone died and I had my charger in my other car. The person never showed up so I went home to call them from my home phone number. When I got home there were no parking spaces anywhere so I parked in a yellow line temporarily. I was only inside about 20 minutes trying to get ahold of the person and my truck was towed. When I went the next day to get the truck the bookbag was gone. The towing company said they didn't take it, and I ended up looking guilty even though I didn't take the money. The organization was out $800. I felt horrible.
  • I lost $117 in a poker game once. But the nice thing was, it was a friendly game with my neighbors, so no big casino corporation got the money. The money went to my friends and neighbors, and I could see how much they enjoyed winning it. They bought a round of drinks, paid for pizza, and everyone was happy. It's hard to call that a loss.

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