• how big a package? are the contents legal? are the contents alive?
  • Its a box 22" long 16" wide 8" tall and it weighs 8 pounds. The content is not alive.
  • UPS because you can track the shipment from the warehouse and chart the course it takes where it gets scanned periodically at the various routing hubs and get up to date information upon the progress of the package you wish to ship.
  • You primary choices ate FedEx, UPS or the US post service. The cheapest is USPS. Run your info thru both the othet sites for estimates. "Since Hawaii is off the mainland United States, there are two ways to ship a package there--by air or by ship. Major carriers like FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) provide service to Hawaii. There are also third-party companies that ship packages to Hawaii residents using an address in the continental United States. If your package is relatively small, the most affordable option is the USPS."

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