• An interesting and bizarre question... Well, first there's the Catholic approach: The school of theology at Regina Apostolorum in the Vatican city offers courses in exorcism and Satanism. Next, there's the anthropological approach. I'm not sure what the premiere schools in anthropology are, but you'd want to look for one that has faculty that have done studies in sorcery and witchcraft. There is an Institute of Metaphysics in Atlanta, GA: Looks like it's a correspondence school.
  • I don't know of any college that teaches one to cast out demons. BTW... Do not accept what you read on the blogs; or "professional" websites, as 1) I'm a Christian Minister 2) I've read where some say leave peaceful demons alone, others said that it's safe to play with a ouji board, if you have others there with you. Some say all kinds of stuff (seyances, etc). One said that he gets kicked, hit, stabbed, and that demons enter his house all the time. A true Demonologist 1) must have extreme faith in Jesus; and his word, that he will protect you. 2), that you are not to dwell in the occults 3) If we have the faith (in Him, Jesus), we have the power to cast out the demons; and that they have "NO" power over you. Let me add, that if you don't meet the above and use it correctly, yes, they do have power over you. Demons are dangerous "ONLY" to those that are "NOT PREPARRED", for the task of casting out demons. From what I've read on the blogs, most either are not preparred, or they are only being fooled by the demons they think they are casting out. I've "NEVER" had one return. I've "NEVER" had real confrontations with demons (have them do violence), unless I have a beginner with me that does not have the faith to do the work. Demons know whom a real demonologist is, when he walks in the door and announces himself. They know that a real demonologist can make things far worse for them, then they can make for you. I sometimes take on an understudy, but "ONLY" after I've spent some time with them and either scared them to wits, or became confident that they are right for the job. Demonology is "NOT" a glorious job. You don't become a superstar, making lots of money. As a minister, I don't charge for my efforts; but tell people that if they want to give me some money, I won't refuse, but the Bible says not to do God's wolrk for $'s. I say the same about pay, when I do a wedding. I do public speaking; and ask that the group having me, 1) pay my expenses (travel, food, etc.) 2) if they want to give me $'s, either they do so in private, or they hold an offering. I don't allow them to charge, unless there is a facility cost; and then only to cover the facility costs. If you feel that you fit into the above requirements of Jesus', to be a demonologist, my personal email is Don
  • not sure, just call some colleges up and talk to them about it

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