• Yeah. Her name is Courtney Love.
  • Yeah, I have Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome(CVS) if you do and want to chat, Im here for you.
  • uep it's Matt eating sweet pot!!!!
  • yep it's Matt eating sweet potatoes!!!!! :)
  • i have it!!!! it took years to diagnose and some drs still don't believe me. it sucks!
  • My son has Cyclic Vomiting It took 8 years to diagnose. He would vomit for months at a time. The last episode lasted 1 1/2 years, very different then anything i read online. He would not pass out either. The doctor told me not every person has the same symptoms. His vomiting was definitely associated with anxiety. Public school setting too overwhelming for him. Lunch room or crowded places. He also has aspergers. Sometimes he would vomit though for no reason. Definetely in times of stress. Is now in a private school and thriving. 2 months of no vomiting Yeah. One of his biggest stressors was being known as the kid who vomits. His episodes sometimes would also start after an infection. All catscans, mri, and gi tests were normal. Look into Abdominal Epilepsy also, They thought he had that and said it is very rare. My other son suffers from Migraines and that helped them make the diagnosis as stomach migraines is associated with cyclic vomiting. I hope this helps. It was a nuerologist that finally made the diagnosis. Make a medical diary. This was our 3rd nuerologist. Everyone else said nothing in our field. We had to go out of state to childrens hospital in Phila to finally get a diagnosis.
  • My friend has the same question. These are the symptoms he gets, I am copying and pasting a post he just made. If anyone has this please let me know. He was just in the hospital for 2 weeks and they found nothing wrong with him. Here is his post... Greetings all, My name is Jonathan, and I had weight loss surgery December 2003, losing 250 lbs after 18 months, had lots of plastic surgeries and everything was great.. TILL . . . About 3 years ago, I started having 'food poisoning' episodes where I would be vomiting for 12 hrs, after eating. I had maybe 3x a year, and though annoying, I recovered quickly from them (a day or two) I was more careful about eating out. But the episodes continued, and became more frequent, I went to my bariatric (the one who did my weight loss surgery) and she had me get a ultrasound, and said I had gallstones. and recommended that I have my gallbladder removed. I did that and the attacks continued.. now they are more frequent and I usually get "double header' (back to back attacks) with maybe a few days in between attacks. I have been in the hospital for over 2 weeks, had every test they can throw at me, and you guessed it.. Don't have a clue. Here are my symptoms. Do you think its CVS? 1) I eat something (doesn't matter what) 2) 30 mins into the meal, I have a 'acid' taste in my mouth 3) I start shivering, and 20-30 mins later I start to sweat 4) My sense of smell gets heightened 5) I throw up (and then feel better for 30 mins) 6) My blood pressure Shoots WAY up (240 / 160) An attack will last 12 hours (consistently) I vomit every 30 mins (consistently) I know its ending when I vomit up 'green / brown bile' (sorry for being graphic) My only relief is to stay in a tub of hot water. I am not stressed, or anxious. I am not in any real pain (just damn uncomfortable) I cannot sleep, or even lie down for any period of time. I never had anything like this before this started no migraines, or any other pre-condition that seems to be common. ANY IDEAS??

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