• Because they are our future. Because they hold unbridled potential. Because all kids and teens rebel at some point...
  • Discipline is a positive thing, not a negative one. If their parents teach and train those malicious delinquent brats, punish them appropriately, and teach them how to behave, THAT is what I consider cherishing and not harming them. I think those obnoxious rebellious children are actually being harmed greatly by NOT getting the metaphorical swift kick in the behind!
  • I did not want to have to make this agonizing decision. Therefore, when my husband wanted to get a vasectomy, I agreed to it. Rather than being a mother of a child, I am a mother to cats.
  • So children are born knowing the world doesn't revolve around them? Not any child I've ever seen. Most kids I know think the world revolves around them, and act disrespectful and may appear "bratty"; until either they grow up or experience a traumatic event which makes them realize there's more to the world than just them and their wants... after childhood.
  • Children ARE 'precious commodities'. they learn to be who they are from their parents, from their friends, from society as a whole. If all the children you meet are malicious, delinquent brats, perhaps you should look at the community you are living in.
  • Sometimes the kick in the behind IS 'cherishing'. Part of my cherishing my children would be teaching them right from wrong, kindness from cruelty, and giving them a sense of justice. And sometimes learning those lessons involves a swift kick in the behind. Either literally or metaphorically. ^_^
  • Because the future of this world is in their hands.
  • That mode of thinking is fairly recent and started back in the late eighties with many things such as the concept of the minivan with the "baby on board" signs and ever increasing child safety laws. Before then child safety was second to adult enjoyement. Not saying which is right or wrong but for years with the pendulum swung so far to the left with not only child neglect but also abuse happening. It had to eventually swing back the other way.
  • I for one don't believe that treating kids like "Precious Commodities" is something we should do universally or just as a matter of principle. I do, however, believe that adults have a responsibility to take into the account how mature, experienced, and knowledgable someone is when interacting with them. When you treat a child better than you would an adult, it's not just because of their chronoligical age, it's because they aren't as mature, experienced, and knowledgable as most adults. I've dealt with enough young children in my life to know that someone's chronological age doesn't necessarily determine how mature or clever they are. Granted, many badly behaved children are merely self-centered and don't think of how their actions effect others. But some are the exact opposite, using their above average maturity and intelligence to take advantage of the fact that older people tend to go easy on them. (However, even that sort of manipulative kid can be excused slightly because they often lack self-control and mature empathy). In short, you have to determine how you react to person's behaviour based on the person, not just their age.
  • They are precious commodities. Some also need a butt blistering from time to time. "He who does not discipline his child...does not love the child"....

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