• I have an aunt that thinks everyone LOVES her special recipe for stuffing. I think it tastes like booty, but I've never told her and neither have my cousins.
  • I'm going to hurt their feelings no matter what, but seriously I'll just bear it for as long as I can.
  • Yep, If someone is kind enough to cook a meal for me, then I'm greatful, there is no way I would offend them.
  • Oh yeah..terrible it was, too.
  • Yes...some of the times..did not want to offend them.
  • I may have shown that I was enjoying the meal but I haven't really ever had awful food from a friend or relative, other than maybe from my mom as a kid once or twice... and that doesn't count:-) But I wouldn't want to hurt anybodies feelings, but if they ask me what I think I will find a gentle way to tell them them and maybe a few helpful hints on how to improve it. Most people know I am a good cook so they are interested in what I think and they seem to try to do their best to please me. So I appreciate it greatly and always enjoy people trying new things, even if they don't at first work out.
  • Usually I will never hurt any one's feelings when they had offered food to me. However If they ask for my honest opinion, I would point out politely how they could have enhanced the taste.
  • Nope, if it's bad I will let them know or they might try and put more on my plate.
  • Yes I's called being polite.
  • yes. My in-laws. We have very different views on how things should be cooked. They believe veggies should be cooked until they are a lump of mush and then heavily coat them with butter or cheese. EEWWW. I like lightly steams vegies no butter. Then there is a g-ma. Last Christmas she served a ham she had in the fridge since Thanksgiving. EWWWW... I just can't.... what am I going to do this weekend????

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