• I did the fourteen day trial, and I think that "goonswarm " is the force to be reckoned with over "band of brothers"
  • Right now, probably BWF-ZZ on account of being an actual warzone. In general, lowsec-in-the-middle-of-highsec chokepoints such as Rancer or Amamake, or 0.0 systems bordering highsec such as PF-346 or HED-GP (the latter especially dangerous since AAA likes to camp it with a Titan). Since I've spent pretty much my entire time (2+ years) in this game out in 0.0, I actually find Empire more dangerous than 0.0, on account of not being able to shoot neutrals without getting Concorded.
  • Any system on a pipeline, pipelines are the routes autopilot will most often select for a player trying to get anywhere on the other side of a bottleneck, Pipelines and bottlenecks are usually GATECAMPED (a goup of pirates waiting for anyone not in alliance with them to come through to kill and salvage/ransom).

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