• I'm not entirely sure what you point/question is, but I'll have a go answering. I'm guessing you mean why are there loads of questions related to BUrger King/McDonalds/KFC in the fast food section, and not any fish and chips questions. Firstly, the afore-mentioned fast food chains are precisely that - chains. In comparison, fish and chips, that long term staple of British cuisine, tends not to be sold in chains but by independent "chippys". As a result, it would be hard to have a listing for each indepdendent one. Furthermore, although I'm sure fish and chips as fast food is present in other countries outside the UK, the popularity is likely to be far less than that of the giants of the fast food industry, i.e. BK, McDs, KFC. Finally, if you go into a typical British chippy and look at the menu, it isn't particuarly varied. Yes, you can also get fishcakes, patties, burgers, battered sausagesand Mars bars, but nowadays in chains, you get all sorts of nuggets, sandwiches, endless varieties of burger breakfasts, ice cream sundaes, hot desserts and so on. So, more foods + more customers + more outlets = more questions. And there is also the matter of fish questions being put into the category of seafood instead.
  • Nothing is wrong with fish & chips; I like them. At least when you eat fish you get some omega-3s.

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