• Yeah, pride is fine, supremacy is not.
  • No. White pride is racist, unless you specify it as "Italian pride" "Irish Pride" or "German Pride" and cut out the rest of the "white" community.
  • I think the crux of the issue is that in the U.S., Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have generally been treated as inferior to whites. Whites were generally not treated as less for their lack of color or taught to be ashamed of who they were or where they came from.
  • What's different is the reasons behind these forms of ethnic pride. White pride by and large HAS NOT come about as a response to oppression of whites or misrepresentation of white culture in our history. To me the idea of racial pride is a silly concept, but I can see where minority races have had a use for it in combating racism, intolerance, and cultural oppression.
  • I think the racial thing is unbalanced yeah....there is alot of black on white racism these days.As of course there is white on Black and all the other ethnic connotations,asian,mexican etc... There is a big music awards event in the UK called the MOBO awards (similar to the grammys), it stands for music of black origin. You try and start up a music of white origin awards show and imagine the shit storm which would follow... And personally i feel being overly patriotic can feed all kind of racial hate. Support your sports team....not your colour,religion,flag or ideology.
  • No because white people who stand up for their race are considered "racist" while the others are not
  • NO white pride is nothing but racist, everything else is acceptable. its ok to be , celebrate, and have pride in everything except being white.
  • Pride comes from WHO you are, not WHAT you are!!!!!
  • No White Pride has a racist connotation associated to it
  • Yes! They're all the same cliche.
  • Not in America. The purpose behind concepts such as Black Pride, Hispanic Pride, etc. is for those groups to promote the idea that despite being systematically enslaved and oppressed in the past, they are worthy people and need to recognize their accomplishments and culture. What would "White Pride" consitute? Celebration of systematically enslaving and oppressing Blacks, Hispanics and Asians? I suppose we could try that. The Germans had a movement like that in the 1930s. I think we know how well that turned out.
  • wtf is white pride? .........0_0........
  • I'm sorry, but what the hell are those?
  • When packaged as Neapolitan Pride.
  • depends who u r talkin to
  • No it is not----I am simply concerned why plp dont read or understand our history as a DIVERSE country. We celebrate minority achievements b/c this country has a history of supressing minorities. Its not correct or respectful for any minority to rub this in--in a negative way. We should be honored to have such days to celebrate. Race is an issue b/c plp make it an issue. We all live in a country where you can be somebody---and to celebrate something honorable that benefits the U.S. --dont be concerned about pride days--be concerned about a day you can make so we all can celebrate that achievement from you.
  • i think so. if all groups take it to the same extreme then yeah it is exactly the same.
  • I can't see how this is possible. Only with a specious form of logic is this possible.
  • Thats a goood point. It just shows how many peolpe are afraid of the largest groups. They all want to celebrate smaller racial groups, wich is fine, but they are fine with discrimination of cacasion people. They take offense at being called black or mexican, they are hispanic ir African American, but they call Cacasions white, not cacasian. I have no problum with this usually but it can get out of hand For example a month or two ago three cops were tried for shooting a black man they thought had a gun.they werent prosicuted. Rev. Sarpton rallyed against this, even though one of the cops who was not sent to jail was black. No one wanted to bring this up becasue they were afraid they would be called racist
  • Should be, but it's not.
  • No, if you have white pride, you're a racist. (sad, but true)
  • sure, except for the words white pride get an automatic mental view of an image of a burning cross and crazy bigots running around in white hoods...when you think white pride it's unfairly assuming the extremists version of "white pride"
  • nope: White pride is white superiority it has nothing toi do with being a minority that hs struggled to keep from being wiped out in America!!!Whites have never been the under culture in America!!!!It has always been the dominate culture!!!
  • yeah it is the same its just everyone think white pride is racist to you that think it is 2 words fuck you
  • pride is pride. What has colour got to do with it

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