• Yes, my dad died in front of me. It's unbelievable, the person just suddenly isn't in their body anymore.
  • The only 'death' that I've been up close and personal with is when my dog got put down and I stayed in the room while it was being done. During my father's cremation he was in a closed coffin.
  • Unfortunately, yes. It involved family members so I don't like to think about it a lot.
  • Many times. And I was very young the first many times,..and so were they. It makes you grow up very soon. You miss a lot of what youth is supposed to be about. War is indeed hell, so many ways.
  • Yes, I've seen two people die personally.
  • Yes. I have worked in a morgue, and I have had to sever the heads of cadavers for plastic surgeons to practice their techniques on. I've seen it very up close and personal. But death is very impersonal.
  • People dying, no. But I saw my dog dying at the vet's clinic a few years back. That sight really broke my heart.
  • I have only been with cats when they died. That's difficult enuf.
  • Almost everyday in my line of work and also both my dads as i nursed them til the end.
  • Yes, My son and I were at the bedside of my father when he passed on.
  • Many times all family and you never get use to it.
  • Yes I have watched people die, people I loved and strangers.
  • Yes. we experienced it with our brother. We lost him to AIDS. He lived 16 years with it.. We saw many of his friends die as well. Because it was a long process we were all ready, as one could be, when he left us. Dr. E.K..Ross describes the 5 stages of death for the dying. I think those close will also feel these same emotions. As for my own life, I faced death in the form of a gunshot to my head. For the split second after the shooting, I was sure I would die. They say you see your life flash before your eyes. I always thought it would be in the form of a movie about your life up to that point. In my case it was everything I would miss that flashed through my mind, my children growing up without their dad
  • Oh, yes...i have seen people die right in front of me.
  • I am widowed twice, (car wreck, cancer) and orphaned (cancer) for 25 years.
  • Yes, I've witnessed both my parents enter into eternal rest.
  • Fortunately not...just my fish.
  • Yes, my father died in my arms. As for my own, I did once see it approaching. Walking along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, I made a misstep. I wound up on my rump rolling down a 15 foot slope of perfectly round pebbles toward the edge of an 800 foot cliff. I tried to dig my hands and heels into the pebbles but they just rolled. 'Well, OK,' I thought, 'I'm gonna die. I just wish it hadn't been in such a stupid way.' I was sittin on my bottom legs spread slidin towards the rim. My life didn't pass B4 my eyes, but it all did seem like slow motion, which I guess is why I had the time to make such a philosophical thought. My right ankle just brely caught a lil mesquite bush right on the edge, it slid up my leg, or my leg slid down over it, till I was sitting there with the crotch of the mesquite firmly grasped in my own crotch. I was just sitting there with my knees right at the edge, my feet dangling, framing my view of the boulder strewn creek bed below. My buddies were able to toss me the end of a 3/8 inch hemp rope. I didn't know how to tie a bowline so I jess made a noose around my waist, when they started pullin me up is another time I thought I wuz gonna die. Ever time they'd pull the noose would slide up and tighten around my chest. But they finally got me up and then laffed like hell. When I got back home is when I really looked death in the face, The mesquite thorns had torn the inseam of my jeans to shreds, Mom was not happy. If I'd told her how it had really happened, she'd a been even madder. Her own son so stupid as to go strollin along the canyon rim. And in his good school jeans too.
  • My Godfather died in front of me. I was the only other person in the room for 10 minutes while the doctor was on the way.

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