• the two aren't even closely related..being pensive is being deep in thought...depression is a valid medical condition.
  • Well I agree with Da ben dan in that being pensive is being deep in thought. There's a difference between being clinically depressed which MAY require medical treatment, and feeling depressed due to normal day-to-day stresses from the weather and traffic to job losses and grief. Any of these may lead to clinical depression, but are generally overcome with time. With clinical depression, the treatment may continue for years with medication and professional therapy.
  • Being pensive is being thoughtful (not as in "considerate," but as in, deep in thought, mulling things over, etc.). It's from the French, "penser," to think. Being depressed is, well, there's the medical meaning which I'm not sure about, and many people use it to mean, feeling sad, feeling low, emotionally down and out, etc.
  • not much but being pensive means youre thinking about something

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