• Yes, final adult height is reached between the early teens and early 20s, usually during the mid teens for females and late teens for males. But, adults lose about 3/4" during a day from compression of the spine, the spine stretches out again while sleeping. So I guess we hafta grow up again every night.And as we get even older we begin to lose height due to spinal compression, spinal curvature, joint compression, and other factors. If we lived long enough, we would just disappear. But then, perhaps you are asking, "Do we ever reach maturity in respect to intelligence, emotions, common sense, etc." I don't know about you or the other members of we. But just look at me, why I'm a prime example of maturity and adulthood. But then this is not really notmrjohn answering this. I am notmrjohn'. Just be glad notmrjohn" didn't answer, he hasn't even left babbling infancy.
  • No. We continually have new expriences that help us to change our view of the world, so we never really stop maturing. It is also my life's ambition to grow old but to never grow up. growing up will mean having to take it seriously when I pee myself in old age.
  • Remember Sesame Street? That was a fun show. I was glued to the TV when it was on. One thing I particularirly remember is one of those skits they did with talking alphabet letters moving along the brick wall. --- ya, ya, I know about the two headed monster skit, but that's not what I'm thinking of. -- It was just alphabet letters that could talk. Well, I thought of one that would be appropriate for this day and age. You've got the letters H and B, we'll make them girl letters, and they're just talking too each other. Then we see the letter G, a boy letter, make an entrance from one side approaching the 'girls.' So, the dialogue goes like this: H: Hiiiiya G! B: Hey G! G: Wuz up BH!
  • Physically, yes, we do. Mentally--not necessarily. It all depends on your experiences in childhood and your responses to those childhood experiences as well as biochemical changes within your brain that will determine how mature you are as an adult. As with anything, it's always possible to grow up mentally aside from physically, of course,but ultimately, it depends on the individual's attitude towards whether or not he/she wants to act his/her age. Bottom line: Some people learn to grow up; while, others, unfortunately, try to re-live their youth and act half their age, but it's not mentally healthy to act immature because the person is failing to fully realize that how you acted at 18 isn't necessarily conducive to acting that way when you're 45!
  • I hope not... :)
  • Only in body and not in spirit. this is the beauty of being a human being. each day is a new experience. our bodies may gradually deteriorate with time, but our spirit lasts forever. listen to the words of the song "still crazy, after all these years". it tells it like it is.
  • I dont think nobody ever grows up. But going from school to work is a very big step, and it matures people. I still feel like a kid sometimes and im 18 LOL!... the things i miss about being a kid is... not being able to go on the childrens play areas, having nothing to worry about and getting things which you dont have to pay for (well your mum or dad would of have to).
  • NO, we not grow up ,there is a child in all of us.
  • Depends on how you define growing up...if growing up means becoming mature and getting into a rut...then I am sure we all do. I just think whatever our age, we should always let the child within us out sometimes. It is a good stress buster!
  • I don't think we grow up until our parents die.
  • That depends if you are a man or a woman most woman do, men well they stay men - there's a saying boys will be boys only the toys get more expensive (wonder why someone would start such a saying??)
  • Never! not really. I mean, my mum is 32, and she loves Disney Land, and my friends and I are pretty immature most of the time. Basically, next year when we get to college, it will be 8:30 am and it is me and Becky running to catch a train, me still in my pyjamas and her with sweets flying out of her pockets. Be glad in the thought we both want to be scientists! Anyway, that just goes to show, even though we are treated like adults, I don't anyone really grows up, just hides their childish side (unless you are me and Becky)
  • like in shrek: "ogers are like onins" only, im talking about people. we are like onins. as we get older, we ad on layers. and in the very middle, is our child hood. we may get older, but we still have our childhood-ness in us, and every onece and a while, like when we laugh or cry or have some type of inocents about us, our inner child comes out, and we are indeed a child again. so no. whe never really grow up, we just add layers.

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