• i dont know about any school to go to but driving them is very easy. they stear by the rear wheels so you have to get useto it. they dont go very fast but if your not paying attention to what your doing you can roll it over. i have learned how to drive one from the place where i work. they had a class that i had to take. it was just a book to read watch a movie and take a test. then i had take a test on the forklift to see how i operated it. well i have been driving them for 7 years now. they are pretty fun to drive in the snow but they get stuck alot. if you have one where you work go to a place where no boss can see you and get on it an get the feel for how it drives and then ask about taking your test to operate one.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to learn the basics of operating a forklift after that it is just experience. Many companies have a course to drive for them. One problem many seem to have is learning how to drive a rear wheel steering. I learned to drive a forklift in the early 1960's when working in a cotton compress company.
  • there might be someone that can teach you, just look into it

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