• Don't have an answer. Wow that is sad.
  • Right here with my family is where I'd like to be! Either that or in the Bahamas!:)
  • This year it's gonna be kid lives in Honolulu, so that's where we'd like to be..except this year he will spend Christmas in Denver and visit us on January I guess I'll say that the one place in the world I want to spend Christmas is at home with Jim, which is where we will be! :) ..and that is affordable, thank goodness! :)
  • Ultimately, the answer is with my family. I haven't spent a holiday back home in ten years. My mother has visited twice for Christmas, but it's not the same. My Christmas Fantasy would be either Iceland or Lapland or Poland. They do wonderful lodge style Christmases with reindeer and carols etc etc. Closer to home, I hear that Christmas at the Biltmore and Asheville, NC is supposed to be amazing, but pricey!
  • I'd really like to spend Christmas somewhere where it really mean something to the people, where it's traditional, you sing the carols, it's snowing, it's all a-glow with lanterns and good cheer, and where everyone is happy to be together - Norway, or Sweden, Iceland, one of the Arctic countries would be ideal! Instead of just scoffing down a tastless turkey, drinking too much sherry and falling asleep in front of yet another rerun of the Willie Wonker! lol - :P
  • A nice warm sunny Caribbean island with ALL my family and friends. And a DVD on a big screen for those who might miss the snow, of White Christmas.
  • In Alaska. At least you would be guaranteed a white crimbo. I miss the snow :(
  • Since I've never actually spent Christmas at my in-laws house (always declined invites because it would upset my mother), I would love to go there. ILs have spent Christmas with us which has been great but they're getting old and travelling is more difficult for them. Our predicament is, we have a severely disabled child who needs hoisting equipment and a roll-in shower. My ILs house cannot accommodate him as they have no downstairs bedrooms, only upstairs ones and if, by some chance, we could carry our heavy 13 years old up those stairs, the bathroom's too tiny to bathe him and because he bottom-shuffles (he can't walk), there's always a risk he'll fall down the stairs. I don't think a baby safety-gate is strong enough for him anymore and even if it was, he would actually be able to open is as he's quite a Houdini! So, yes, if we had appropriate accommodation for our eldest son, and it's not for want of trying, we've looked at hotels and contacted ILs local authority for residential homes to see if they can help but to no avail.
  • I would love to go to Lapland I bet that would be so magical....then to top it off new year in Edinburgh...fabulous :)
  • Hawaii, but I'd love to go there anytime ;-)
  • Ireland!! I would love to go back and spend it in ireland this year! But my family is here! So I am going to spend it here! :o)
  • I would love to experience a white Christmas, but only if I can bring my whole family with me. If they can't come, I'm staying with them!

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