• He should bring spending money, but I don't think it would be fair to ask for more than that.
  • He should pay part of it, nothing in life is free and you will not be around forever, this is an important lesson for him :-) I hope he has a great time.
  • I agree with Fun, you should cover the basics (I would say otherwise if it was not a school trip), but make it clear if he wants souviners, etc. It is his responsibility.
  • In my experience, all children should contribute something towards their trips. They appreciate them more than if they simply go on Mom and Dad's dime. There is a feeling of accomplishment. As well, it really helps determine if the child really wants to go. If they don't want to contribute their own money towards the trip then they really don't want to go that badly. I would say about 10% of the cost would be realistic.
  • This trip will enhance your son's horizons, and it is your responsibility as a parent not only to pay wholly for this trip but to actually make sure that he carries enough of your money to enjoy the culture and acquire a few souvenirs if he so desires.
  • I think he will value and appreciate the trip a lot more if he is required to help pay for it. Think about it - what does a person value more - a gift that is handed to them, or something they had to work for?
  • I think if it was his idea to go, it's good to give him a part of the responsibility to pay. It certainly wouldn't hurt YOUR pocket as much, and he may learn about the value of money in an indirect way. It's easier to take something for granted if it was handed to you. When my baby cousin was 11, she wanted to go on a trip with school and called friends and family to see if they had any work she could do for money. She raised a good portion of it herself... I was so impressed!
  • Does he already have a job? I recall you mentioning his trip, it's toward the end of summer, right? I would say if he wants to go, and he doesn't already have a part-time job after school or whatever, tell him he should get a job doing whatever, mowing lawns, working at a convenience store, etc. Make a deal with him that whatever money he makes between now and the trip, he must set aside a percentage of it (25 or 50 percent, I'd say) to contribute to the cost of the trip. The other 50% or 75% he can do whatever he wants with. He'll feel good about it, and I think it will make the trip more special and valuable to him. Excuse my poor grammar, I'm having an off-day.
  • I wouldn't make him pay. He has already contributed. He worked really hard in school and is now eligible to go to Japan, this is his reward. Good for him!
  • I think maybe you should encourage him to help out if it's his choice to go than he should take some responsiblity, but not all. you might be surprised by how mature he might be.
  • Unless you are wealthy he should help to pay.
  • This is only my opinion...........when it comes to my daughter.......I would'nt hold her financially responsible for anything while still at home. Maybe he can contribute to his spending money. This is all within reason though.........I would have to wonder if the money spent for this trip could be better used for College ETC.
  • i wouldnt,though im only 12 so what do i know ^^; but he pretty much allready did his part,he apperently is a good student if he even gets to go,most kids now-a-days probebly wouldnt make it because they are to busy gossiping,bullying and other things to get good grades.
  • It should be partly subsidized by the school. I went on a trip with school to Quebec twice. Both times it was very inexpensive for my parents, as the schoolboard put money towards the students going on a cultural trip. If they're just going over there for sushi and anime, then hell, ya, the student should foot the bill, but if it's a school sponsored educational trip, the school should at least bear some of the brunt
  • OF COURSE he should contribute something. Not only will it make the trip more enjoyable for him by allowing him to "earn" some of it, but it's a great opportunity in life to teach him that as gracious and giving as mom and dad can be he should still put some work or money into this to show how much he does want to do this.
  • he should definitely help even if its only 100 dollars, he should. im 14 n i always pay for my lunch working at the ladys yard next door. my parents arent rude they just teach me responsibilities, they dont make me pay for clothes but atleast ill be better off when i live on my own, kinda get used to paying
  • Doesn't the school have some fundraising opportunities for the students? Any major trip I've heard of like that is planned well in advance, with plenty of time for the students to raise funds in various ways.
  • I think he is still kind of young. When he is finished with school then he can support himself.
  • If he has a job he should pay for some or all of it. My little sister has just been on a school trip to China and she paid for half of it. And she's only 15. When I turned 18 I left home to travel to the UK for 2 years and my parents didn't pay for one cent of that, I did just fine.

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