• Moses Sithole and Stewart Wilken were both serial killers from South Africa. It is unknown exactly how many victims each was responsible for, but Sithole was the worst of the 2 with an roughly 38 deaths and numerous rapes to his credit. Stewart Wilken, it is believed, claimed 10 lives one of which was his own daughter. These are the 2 that I know of I am sure that there are others. More info on Wilken: Sithole:
  • I know two serial killers to come out of Zimbabwe.The axe Killer terrorised Zimbabwe in 1981 killing aroung 15 people until he was captured by a milk man. Guy Gusu----A dissident from matebeleland who was not very popular confessed to killing more than 30 people. Richard Gwesela-A dissident from Zhombe killed around 20 people. **Note well it is hard to call Gwesela and Guy Gusu serial killers due to the fact that they thought they were fighting a war.
  • Moses Sithole from South Africa......he was convicted for killing 38 women.....that number could be more but 38 was the official one on the charge sheet..... Read here: Also note that he was jailed for over two thousand years....thanks to the banning of death penalty!!!!!
  • Do military coups and despots count?
  • Yes one killed over 39 people and another 26. Immigrants are usually murderers or cheats or thiefs or just plain money suckers. I do not understand why America keeps letting these awful immigrants into America to destroy our country.
  • Idi Amin comes to mind. Remember this guy? .
  • 1) "Ghana Charles Quansah – convicted of the strangulation deaths of nine women in Accra; suspected of killing 34; sentenced to death in 2003." Source and further information: 2) "Moses Sithole (November 17, 1964) is a South African serial killer who committed the "ABC Murders", so named because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and finished in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg." "On December 5, 1997, Sithole was sentenced to 2,410 years for the murders of 38 people committed between 1994 and 1995, along with 40 rapes and various lesser offenses." Source and further information: 3) "Maoupa Cedric Maake (b. 1965) (also known as the Wemmer Pan Killer) is a serial killer from South Africa. He committed at least 27 murders throughout 1996 and 1997." Source and further information: 4) "Sipho Mandla Agmatir Thwala (born 1968) is a South African rapist and serial killer who was convicted in 1999 for the murders of 16 women and 10 rapes and was sentenced to 506 years in prison. Thwala was known by the moniker "The Phoenix Strangler"." Source and further information: 5) There were also some mass murderers: "This is a partial list of mass murders and spree killings perpetrated by individuals, organised by the number of dead victims, further divided into several subsections. The intention behind this list is not to provide a complete overview of incidents, otherwise it would grow out of proportions very soon, but concentrates on cases that stick out by their sheer number of victims. As there's often conflicting information about the number of dead and injured, which do not include the perpetrators themselves, in cases of uncertainty a range is given. In colloquial language the term mass murderer is commonly used to describe anyone who intentionally caused, directly or indirectly, the death of many people. This rather vague definition is applied on states, governments, organziations, groups or persons who order genocides, massacres, war crimes, terrorist acts or similar deeds and their perpetrators, as well as individuals who do not act on behalf of higher institutions, but out of their own personal motivations, like school shooters, spree killers, arsonists and even serial killers. The focus of this list, lies on the latter group, individuals, with the restriction to persons who are directly responsible for each death, meaning targeting every single person separately. This excludes arsons, bombings, poisonings or other forms of mass murder where the perpetrator has no direct control on who will fall victim to his crime, but includes terrorist acts by lone gunmen which are later claimed to be perpetrated in the name of an organization, e.g. the Mercaz HaRav massacre. Furthermore serial killers are also left out, because their modus operandi of killing, as well as their motivations are significantly different from common mass murderers and spree killers." "Perpetrator Date Year Location Country Killed Injured Additional Notes" "1. Unknown Soldier June 26 1994 Kampala Uganda 26 ? Killed by one of his victim's father" ". Unknown Police Officer April 15 1983 Asureti Uganda 21 ? Committed suicide" "25. Unknown Soldier March 30 1981 Ovambo Namibia 8 12" "28. Khater, Suleiman Oct. 5 1985 Ras Burqa Egypt 8 4 Sentenced to life imprisonment" "39. Beukes, Sylvester & Beukes, Gavin March 4/5 2005 Kareeboomvloer Namibia 8 0 Killed an unborn child" "51. Unknown Soldier June 18 2007 Waat Sudan 7 3 Shot by soldiers" "67. Unknown Police Officer March 23 1998 Kampala Uganda 7 ? Committed suicide" "66. Bono-Lino, Africano Oct. 15 2006 Laguti Uganda 7 ?" "83. Nkurunziza, Viateur May 10 1998 Gikongoro Rwanda 6 3 Shot dead" "94. Unknown Jan. 22 1961 Accra Ghana 6 ?" "121. Unknown Police Officer Oct. 8 1985 Djerba Tunisia 3 15" ##### Killing sprees: "2. Unek, William Feb. 11 1954 1957 Mahagi Malampaka Belgian Congo Tanganyika 21 36 ? ? Shot dead" "5. Unknown Police Officer Dec. 4 1977 Bulawayo Rhodesia 13 16 Shot by police" "22. Vukwana, Bulelani Feb. 9 2002 East London South Africa 11 6 Committed suicide" "28. Delport, Callie Jan. 20 1992 Ladysmith South Africa 9 19 Sentenced to 22 years" "30. Swart, Stephanus A. J. May 6 1927 Charlestown South Africa 9 3 Committed suicide" "2. Mateane, Chippa April 3 2006 Gauteng South Africa 8 2 Shot by police Killed an unborn child Bystander run over and killed by police" Source and further information (with a longer list):
  • Robert Mugabe isn't doing so bad on that score - he's probably surpassed Idi Amin by now.

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