• Use the slhen before togan in public. If it has a patent on it, then before too long you should get a letter from a lawyer!
  • Slogans would not have a patent, they would have a trademark. Here is a site that may answer your questions. I hope it helps.
  • The slogan is not patented. I know this because you can't patent a slogan. You can trademark, and possibly copyright, a slogan. To see if any of these have been done, you can do a trademark search at the PTO website or a copyright search at the US copyright office website. Of course, this is only a starting point. Copyright and trademark is both federal and state law. Thus, something can not be trademarked at the federal level, but still protected locally. Many states even protect a trademark that has never been registered (i.e. first in time is first in right). So in addition to searching the registries, you also should do an internet search. If someone is using he slogan, there is a good chance that it is offered some sort of trademark protection (at least in the local area it is being used).

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