• Medically, I have no idea what the official answer to this would be. However, I'm asthmatic and I find that computers do worsen my symptoms, and for several hours after I've stopped using one, I'm a lot more reliant on my inhaler than usual. So in my opinion, they can make asthma symptoms worse and would probably be able to cause asthma like symptoms in other people.
  • i'm asthamatic from my childhood and i'm a computer addict ,what i have observed is that, if u get too much involved in the computer as a result you breath very shallow or in irregular pattern then it affects directly therefore whenever on the computer just take care that you are in the correct posture and that your breathing is normal.
  • This is a coincidence but I was watching Law and Order last night and I thought I heard them say something like that. The woman being questioned said that her son had asthma because of playing computer games. Now I may have heard that wrong but that is what I thought I heard.
  • No but alien mind control is frequently mistaken for excessive computer use. The simple solution is to wear a tin foil beanie while on the computer and the asthma symptoms will go away in a month or two. If that doesn't work try getting more exercise.

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