• That depends on the perspective and values of the observer. For example, I think I’m being frugal because I will only buy pre-owned (used) cars and I will only buy a different car when the car I am currently driving is dead and can not be revived. From my perspective I got a great car at a discount and I made money on it because I drove it for years after it was paid for. My sister thinks I’m cheap because I ride around in embarrassingly old jalopies when she knows I could afford a new car. So is it being frugal or is it being cheap? It is a matter of perspective.
  • I try to save.
  • I try to buy nothing unless it is on sale. I don't really take the time to clip coupons though. Good thing I don't need much because I really don't buy much.
  • I try...really hard, but I have a slip every now and again and going on a spending spree
  • I tried to buy everything on sale. I clipped coupons alot especially with food. One day I brought groceries bill was $110.00 using coupons the total came to $2.98. awesome
  • my dad is i should be like that too since im almost going to be out of the house.
  • I like to think I am frugal.

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