• Yes, I make tips. In fact, that's how I make most of my money. I save some of it, but only until it's time to pay the bills! The rest gets spent on gas, groceries, etc.
  • Nope I did make comission in my last job as a debt collector though. When I was about 13 I worked for tips at the local A and P supermarket bagging groceries and helping customers to their cars with their packages. If the manager didn't hassle me I could make 20 or 30 bucks in a few hours. That was alot of money for a kid back in the Mid 70's.
  • No tips just a salary and a day rate for being offshore, I'm hard done by aren't I :o)
  • When I used to bag grocerys I would get a tip here and there, but it didn't really add up to anything.
  • Yeah, "Seabiscuit in the fifth"".. I used to tend bar (in another life) in my 20s. made good tin..they wouldnt last that long...just spent them
  • Now I need every dime I earn, but when I was serving in high school I would take out a hundred for money for the week and put the rest of the cash and my checks into the bank; it worked out well, but I went shopping too much and spent it! It makes me upset to think back on how frivolously I spent my money when I need it so desperately now.

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