• You should be doing this research yourself you know (same as most people on this website, but that's another argument :P ) Research skills are a very valuable life skill everyone should have, especially in this day and age. suggests that per 8 fl.oz. (what a ridiculous unit of measurement. Works out to be 236.56mls) there is 14g of a mixture of sugars (Fructose, Glucose and Sucrose) 1 Cup is 250mls So, (14/236.56)*250 = 14.7954g of sugars per 250mls suggests the sugar content between Gatorade flavours is the same. Places 1 Cup of coke (250 mls) at 26.5 g of Sugars (probably cheap sucrose syrup) That is about it. For your info, the google searches I used were: Coke nutritional info (pages from Australia, for metric cups) Gatorade nutritional info Sugar content Gatorade Rain
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