• "In 2005, the case of Jeanna Giese, a girl of 15 who survived acute, unvaccinated rabies was reported, indicating the successful treatment of rabies through induction of a coma.[9] This treatment approach was based on the theory that rabies' detrimental effects were caused by temporary dysfunctions of the brain, and that the induction of a coma, by producing a temporary partial stop in brain function, would protect the brain from damage while the body built up an immune response to the virus. After thirty-one days of isolation and seventy-six days of hospitalisation, she was released from the hospital, having survived rabies. Later attempts to use the same treatment have failed." from
  • Yes. There is one teenage girl who just recently survived rabies received from a bat bite, but she IS NOT in good shape.
  • someone mightve
  • according to this article at least 7 people have.:

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