• Malt liquor.
  • Exercise, not at a fitness club.
  • Inhailing Dust off. Corcidin cough and cold (8-32 pills). The Yellow Angels trumpet (Datura). Looking in your parents medicine cabinet. Morning Glory seeds (500+ grinded up). And the best drug site you'll ever find =
  • ok two of my fav's nutmeg - lasted 2 days the first time, tripped out, felt very out of it. pretty cool the best way to take it is to mix 20g with 30ml of cream, heat on stove, but dont let it boil, it doesnt need to be to hot. add milk and suger. drink as late in the night as possable, right befor you go to bed. lettuce opium - feeling dizy, ligh headed, spaced out get the hearts and roots of lettuce, (most types of lettuce work) chuck them in the blender to make a paste. add a LITTLE boiling water (make sure its realy hot, boil it on the stove not the electric kettle) place the liquid in small frypan. stir on a low heat for a few mins. then poor every thing through a strainer to remove the lettuce particals. poor a table spoon of ice water then a table spoon of boiling water on top of the lettuce in the strainer. in the bowl under the strainer there should be a brown coloured liquid. place this back in the frypan and heat till most of moisture is gone.(use only a very low heat. keep stiring and dont let it boil) scrape the brown shit now left in the bottem of the frypan on to a small sheat of metal and hold a match underneath and inhail fumes . hold in lungs for 30 secs and repeat
  • CHEAP! Not from my dealer.
  • Oh yea, good idea. Screw life, let's get messed up and kill our brains and maybe ourselves and certainly our chances. Mm. You know where you're gonna' end up? NA, if you're lucky. Dead or in jail if you're not. Why not work on your life and get high from achievement. It may sound square, but only to a space cadet! I mean, you do want to have a life don't you? Well it aint gonna build itself without you. And you can build it now, OR you can get all unhealthy and end up at NA meetings, going "Hi my name is______________, and I'm an addict" (group replies" "Hi ___________.") YOU CONTINUE... "Today I figured out if I tie my shoes they wont fall off. I'm trying to do better but will never actually do so. Wah Wah.." (FOR REAL. That's where it goes. Good luck!

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