• Love him or hate him, he is certainly not stupid.
  • He is very well "connected"..this served him well at Yale, in the so-called service to his country and in the presidency...well-connected means he comes from big money and big influence...brains/intelligence is irrelevent apparently, because the people of the United States of America voted him in...twice..the first time, of course, was specious..the second time..well, you figure out the sort of person that would vote him in for a second time! :(
  • People are paid to be smart for him, I dread what will happen after GWB leaves office........will the US be open to more attacks? I hope not :o(
  • He's definetly not stupid. Not even close. He's really organized too...which people like to ignore.
  • Yes, I think the guy is REALLY stupid.
  • No He is absolutely not stupid.Now our government collectively is/are a bunch of morons but individually I don't think they are stupid,and I don't consider George Bush any less intelligent than any of the other morons in our government.
  • Stupid is relative. Compared to other Presidents, he's an idiot. Compared to grade school kids, he might not be stupid. At least Bush knows the English language. At least Bush knows the difference between Austria and Australia. Oh, wait a minute...
  • I wouldn't spend too much time trying to get inside the murky brain of George Walker Bush . . . Let's put it his way -- he's a silly monkey when he's needed to be smart and clever, and he's an arrogant ape when he's expected to be prudent and thoughtful. If remains an area for historians to explore as to what combination of rich connections, luck and evil came together to thrust this woefully inadequate person into the nation's highest office.
  • I don't think he is stupid,but do not think he is making the decisions either.My friend likens politicians to magicians,they get you to watch one hand when the other hand is doing the trickery.Bush plays the fool,the hand everyone is watching,and Cheney is the other hand,doing the trickery.Cheney is well below the media watch,in the shadows ,while everyone is concentrating on Bush and his antics.Bush is the so called,decoy,or the fall guy,whom everyone watches while the big things happen behind the curtain with Cheney.
  • You tell me: "Do you have blacks, too?" — to Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso. George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Nov. 8, 2001
  • Check his biography. He has started many companies and business ventures yet none have been successful. Most went belly-up. He did not excel in school - and got into IVY league ones because of his family connections. In the White House he surrounded himself with his father's political cronies, i.e. Cheney, Rumsfeld....and did everything in his power to befriend the Saudis. What do you make of that?
  • ::: At the present time ::: it would appear that Hugo Chavez is right about him. In the fullness of time we will be able to tell. We don't get to know everything that happens behind the scenes and I haven't read Vicente Fox's biography but I believe that what he said could be an indicator of why some people see GWBush the way they do.
  • He is obviously smart enough to get where he is. If you are asking about wisdom, I will leave that to wiser people than me and to history.
  • compared to other presidents, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. but he's had the right connections and people supporting him to help him get ahead. but he's still the worst president this country has ever seen.
  • He is really that stupid. Someone else is pulling his strings.
  • He appears to be completely out of touch with reality.
  • If dubya is not stupid, then he must be one hell of an actor!
  • Not money and luck, but money, advertising, and manipulation. The same advertising and manipulation that gets people for the last hundred years to spend money to drink sweetened carbonated water that has no nutritional value. The same advertising and manipulation that gets people to purchase new clothing simply because they have already worn their old clothing in public once. The republican party runs on a platform of fear- fear of terrorism, fear of homosexuality, fear of science, fear of change of any kind. Fear is a huge motivator to get people to vote for ANYONE who promises them simple pat solutions to their worries; real or imagined. As for Bush as an individual, you bet he is only there because of who his father is. The American public does not follow issues, they simply watch commercials. It's all about name recognition. The Republican party knows this, so they would put any moron up who has a familiar name. Bush needs no intelligence whatsoever, and has demonstrated that. Even though I support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party is no better in that regard. Her husband was a very popular president, and is still very popular, so her name has value. We do not elect individuals to public office any more, it is just two parties, and whatever face each party has put forward.
  • lol, well he did get into office because of his family, and friends. He's very stupid, and he pays off the right people to "look away"
  • No, but the Liberals love to think he is, which is why he's been able to do so much to them.
  • He was the perfect casndidate for as puppet regieme. He even misread his lines most of the time. I watched Nixon with Viet Nam and Watergate, but this man took the cake. America will pay the price for this administration's work for a century
  • Let me assure you,. Any President who can start and then lose two brushfire wars, thereby revealing for the whole world to see that the American empire is a spent force, can't be all that smart.
  • Considering he was not amazingly successful in any of his business ventures, he certainly does not scream "genius" . Whether he is stupid or not, getting to where he got to is not an indicator one way or the other. I have met plenty of stupid , yet successful people. It takes zero IQ points to be born into a rich and powerful family. Give me an absolutely brilliant guy with no connections and a moron related to major players and the latter guy has a big edge in most arenas. Yes, it is possible for the brilliant guy to overcome the advantage but it's always easier from a frontrunner position and a lot of help.
  • He's dumb - like a great many Americans who prefer the simple answer, suitable for printing on a bumper sticker, and a president they can picture having a burger and a beer with.
  • Stupid? Honestly? No. But he's not a rocket scientist for damn sure. I'd say the boy has no staying power. He can't stick with anything after the initial thrill has passed. He's not one of those who have had to work for a living or face starvation. He's never had to face the consequences of his laziness before.

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