• It could be leaking around the rim... most off the time all you need to do is have the rim ground.
  • Side wall cracking or I would say a bead leak... How much air does it lose and how often do you check them? If it's a bead leak or side wall cracking they won't neccessarily leak when they tae them off the car and put them in the tank of soapy water. I would ask to have the tire taken off the rim and have the rim cleaned with a wire wheel...they can also use a goopy sealant to seal the rim...
  • Could be a stem leak, cracked sidewall, or bead leak. Replace the tire if it's showing sidewall cracks, replace the valve stem whenever you get a new tire, and bead leaks are often fixed just by dismounting and remounting the tire. Any tire shop should be able to determine the problem.
  • The "Bead" of the tire could be damaged Or the rim itself. Also replace the "Valve Stem" for a buck! Other than that the tire could have an "Incipient Separation Issue." This is when the "Layers" (like Ogres & Onions)start to not stick together & so air leaks slowly until it comes apart. John

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