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  • All depends on the girl... I'm shy and quiet normally, but my roommates have complained about the noises coming from my bedroom some nights haha. You can never tell. Usually depends on her idea of a good time and how comfortable she is with her partner.
  • Never had any scream, which I think is good. Had some moan, which I think was good also. Had only one speechless and I choose to think she was so amazed she did not know what to say. Or maybe she did not feel anything... :(
  • most that i now are speachless. but when there in the heat most Scream like no other.
  • In my personal experience (which really isn't a vast thing, trust me) I've found that most are moaners, some are silent, and there is the rare screamer. Screamers kinda scare me, I had to give her a safety word. Silence is fine, but it negates audible clues as to their current state of pleasure, so you have to pay more attention. Moaners are the best! It's a turn on and it makes it easy for me to know when I'm in a zone

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