• Definitely, though they're a little harder to find. Biggest perk of being goth, if you're female (which your profile says you are), is that you get to wear a corset or waist cinch to any events you attend and no one will raise an eyebrow. Cloak-wearing is another advantage. A Google search will turn up a variety of websites. It just happens to be the case that Hot Topic is the largest chain that sell goth attire. Currently, Hot Topic seems to be switching over to emo clothes and many goths consider shopping at Hot Topic (at least exclusively) the mark of a wannabe. In the alternative, you can dress up as a 5th century barbarian.
  • I think ( ) has some pretty nice Goth clothes for both men and women, but they are really on the more eccentric side of Goth clothes for most people's tastes ; ) Hmm, actually I think a lot of those clothes might be sized more towards adults... *shrugs* You'll have to take a look and see if their sizes will fit you, but they certainly have some nice things there IMO : D
  • I've found my best goth-style clothes by looking around stores you wouldn't expect to find that sort of fashion. I've managed to make a lolita style outfit from clothing bought at Target and non-chain stores.
  • Thrift stores

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