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  • Yes tghis is a medical fact.....all women have small penis's
  • A clitoris is not a penis, but structurally similar. There are children born with ambiguous genitals, in which the doctor could not tell if the baby is a boy or a girl, either with a very small, poorly formed penis and a scrotum that has not completely closed, or a very large clitoris and labia that have not completely separated. If I were the doctor, I would leave the genitals alone until the child decides the gender, i.e. feels like a boy or a girl. Such gender identity is usually established about age 3 or 4. If the gender identity is not established by age 6 or 7, a psychologist might be needed to help deal with gender confusion.
  • NO they are different women dont have penis a clitoris is totally different to a penis

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