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  • Well, some may argue that some structures I mention aren't technically organs, and others would include some that I haven't. Anyway, lets work our way down. Obviously you have the brain in the skull, though of course in some people this doesn't function very well, and these people tend get elected to positions of political power. You also have the left eye, the left ear, the left half of the nose, the left half of the tongue, the left half of the trachea (assuming it is central) and the left half of the oesophagus. The trachea divides into two bronchi, and on the left side enters the left lung. The left lung is smaller than the right as it has to make room for the heart, which lies from roughly the middle of your chest into the left half, with the left lung to the left of it. The oesophagus leads into the stomach, which is mostly on the left. It lies in the abdomen, below the heart and lung, and ontop of the pancreas, and in front of the spleen, both of which are also on the left (though the pancreas is long enough to reach into the right half). The liver can extand into the left half, but for the majority it is on the right. No prize for guessing which half the left kidney is in! Connected to the far end of the stomach is the duodenum, which mostly lies on the right but it curves around like a letter C and the far end is in the left half. This part then joins onto the jejunum of the small intestine, which turns into the ileum. This long tube of small intestine wriggles around the abdomen in both halves. The duodenum, jejunum and ileum all form the small intestine. Eventually it ends and becomes the large intestine, which strats in the lower right half of the abdomen, just above the bony part of the hip, then moves up your right side, across to the left and then down the left side, then eventually back to the middle to form the rectum and then the anal canal, which are in the middle. Joined to the kidneys is the urinary bladder in the middle, so technically half of it is in the left side. The reproductive organs lie in the middle, but obviously you tend to have two testes/ovaries, one on each side. The rest of the reproductive organs (such as the uterus in women) lie in the middle. And of course, you have the left side of the body encased in skin as well. This is really simplifed, as the anatomy in reality is much harder tha just left and right, but A) it's too complicated to explain in mere text and B) my tea is burning in the oven. Any questions, just leave a comment.
  • Heart slightly Centre left Gall Bladder covers the heart Pancreas with its tail coming off the right side down to the liver on the lower right of the pancreas
  • your heart, stomach, pancreas, and the half left of your small and large intestine... your liver and your gallbladder are not located on your left..
  • I have a PAIN on the left side by my stomach
  • the heart is one
  • Uh, can I have a little privacy here!?!
  • one of your lungs.
  • Stomach, spleen, left lung, and the heart.

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