• It would depend on the degree of the pain.
  • IN a general rule, emotional pain is a lot harder to get over. However, a hurt feeling is much easier to get over than two broken legs.
  • I once broke my Coccyx.............that pain lasted waaaaaaaay to long!
  • Recovering from physical pain depends on the injury, recovering from emotional pain depends on the I guess it depends on how "strong" one is mentally? But I think the body is probably better at mending itself than the heart x
  • Emotional pain take much longer. Even the worst physical pain involves emotion so I think it's clear that emotional healing which can always have the scab ripped off, may never heal and the pain can be brought back in a blink of an eye by one word from someone.
  • In my opinion, emotional.
  • I'm going to have to say emotional...
  • Emotional pain can last for years where physical pain only last for a short time.
  • Take my words for it - emotional, and I was in hospital more than once as a result of physical injuries. There isn't a hospital for emotional pain, you've just got to cope with it the best you can.
  • Without a doubt, emotional pain takes longer to recover from. Because it manifests itself as memories and memories are very difficult, if not impossible to erase. When physical pain is remembered it is usually not as vivid or accurate as emotional pain when recalled.
  • It depends on the degree of injury. My knee-jerk response would be emotional but my wife suffered a back injury years ago that causes her pain 24/7 to this day and this will not change so long as she is alive so the answer is not as easy as one might think.
  • Emotional scars can last a whole lifetime if you let them.
  • Emotional by far. It does not take 6 years to recover from any kind of physical pain.
  • Emotional pain!!
  • emotional pain i think takes longer but both can never go away they seem to stick with u like glue!!! but emotional pain ,is as said above, sticks around in the memory
  • Emotional pain can last your whole life, like a wound that gets reopened again and again or that just never even scabs over for long. It's like an infection for some.
  • Emotional pain i would say,
  • It depends on the cause and magnitude. In my own case, all of my physical pains have healed quite quickly, and some of my emotional ones have healed as well. Some emotional pains however, have never healed, and I don't expect they ever will unless I entirely loose my memory. A decade since it happened, and it still hurts me every single day, just as much as when it happened... I have merely learned to live with the pain.
  • Emotional, wounds on someones body can heal. But in some cases they never do but then again some emotional problems might not either. So I guess it depends on which two things your comparing.
  • Generally, emotional pain takes longer to recover and it usually lingers for far too long. But it's also easier to deal with, than physical pain.
  • Personally, Emotional. But everyone is different.
  • I think emotional pain... As it always needs answers to get over and sometimes the answers are impossible to find. Why me? why did this happen?... could i have done something? and that dreaded WHAT IF?

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