• 'America has spoken', George Walker Bush told the nation on November 3, 2004, as he claimed a second term -- Now, three years further on, America has spoken again, but this time in a very different tone and with the opposite conclusion. And the cheering can be heard not just in America, but around the globe.
  • I think America has had it with politicians right now. That's why congress also has the lowest approval ratings in history right now. Speaking just for myself, I have certainly had my fill of politicians. :o(
  • Because of all his colossal mistakes, policy, and lies. Bush's lies are responsible for more American deaths than the 9/11 attacks. Probably George W. Bush's biggest mistake was his feeble attempt at linking 9/11 to Sadam Hussein, and so, cold-bloodedly he took the nation to war based on lies. Americans know that now. Well, except the one who just DR my answer, he/she is still in denial.

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