• Try dancing/tease stripping (you don't have to be a Pussy Cat Doll) the old burlesque style of dance will do. You don't really need anything but a fancy set of undies, and easy dress to remove, and go to the dollar store and get a fake boa.
  • Most men are visual creatures, so anything that he can see will do wonders...good luck!
  • try less on trying to please him but try to please your self instead.
  • Be confident and touch every inch of his body. Look into his eyes and tell him how sexy you find him and let him know how naughty you feel for his body. Lick him a little and blow on it. Every women can turn any man on by her confidence and her true sexual desires. Let it out. men have the same sexual desires.
  • Well I hate to be crude, but learn how to give head!!!! it's something EVERY MAN WANTS & if more ladies knew how, there'd probably be fewer straying hubbies!!!! along those lines, when he's hard as a rock, gently stroke the TOP side of his dickhead in one direction with your fingertip.....going away from it........start with one finger, stroke, take it away, stroke again, and so on.........another thing that'll drive him CRAZY is if you use your tongue on the TOPSIDE of his dick, from base to tip.............guaranteed to please!! the visual stuff is ok, but the stuff I"m talkin' about will make him your man forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Invite your girlfriends over to join in.

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