• because light isn't yellow
  • The light of the Sun is the same color (roughly) as the light of the Moon. But on Earth it looks yellow because some of the blue light is scattered away from a direct path to your eye. White without blue looks yellow. See also the "Why is the sky blue?" queston !! AbsolutValu has an objection, The Moon should be as yellow as the Sun according to this logic. Well it *is*, if it is low on the horizon. I saw such a Moon on Friday. When the Sun is high in the sky it appears whiter, but we tend to notice the Sun when it is within our ordinary field of vision, when it is yellower. The real color of the Sun is the reflected light we get from clouds. Other factors: The Moon is so much dimmer than the Sun, our eyes get more info from the black and white rod cell signals than the color cones. The white parts of the Moon look whiter because they are next to the black maria. Thank you AbsolutValu for bringing this up, and I hope you like the updated answer better...
  • Thats the combination of 1.) our atmosphere effecting the color of light , and 2.) the color of the moon itself. amd like Quirkie said, see also , "Why is the sky blue".

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