• Aye.. indeed, from the list t'would seem an unlikely guess.
  • Yes. I had to read the question twice, to make sure I understood you.
  • No, it doesn't. I've seen him in concert, too. I was in the nosebleed section, and I thought it was a fantastic show, even from there!
  • I've never seen 'im meself, but for such a portly cowboy the energy he puts into shows(from video I've seen) is simply amazing!
  • Garth Brooks approached his shows from the spectator standpoint...too many performers (i.e. Kenny Rogers) feel that the people are there for them when in reality they, the artists, are there for the people. As for surprising me, no, I have seen the Eagles, Styx, and Boston in concert and they, like Garth, pack a lot of power into their shows. The artists that remember what buys their homes and cars will do what they can to please those that purches the tickets. VGQ+++ -Buddy
  • Not really. I once saw a special on TV of one of his shows, and he performs his butt off and gives it all on stage. About the other shows: Man, I am jealous! : )
  • Big surprise. Queen with Freddie Mercury are the greatest live band ever!!! (Queen+Paul Rodgers: 'a bad idea'. sound like a tribute band.) Garth Brooks about Queen and Freddie Mercury: "When I went to concerts, my whole thing was, for one second, that the artist--that Freddie Mercury of Queen--would look me in the eye. What's cool is when you stand up here now, and you're on this side of it, all you want to do is find one second with each person to tell them what they've done for you." --to the Minnesota Star Tribune, October 6, 1998.
  • Country stars have not forgotten the fan, it appears rock stars have.
  • No, Garth puts on one helluva concert!!! Being honest tho, I was a little shocked by the bands listed that Garth didn't come in second!!!
  • Not at all. There are lots of weirdos who like Garth Brooks. That's how he got to be a multi-millionaire.
  • Yes, because you didn't mention Garth Brooks in the list of artists you had seen in concert. It would be like, if I said: "Out of peanutbutter-and-jelly, tunafish, and ham-and-cheese sandwiches, I like fluffernutter sandwiches the best."
  • Not at all! I had 4 tickets to his last concert before his first retirement. Sold them for almost $400 and that's probably the only concert I wish I had seen.
  • Considering part of your username says cowboy it would not be surprising you like western music.
  • It doesn't surprize me I read that Garth Brooks puts an energetic, fantastic performance. I think the other groups, performers put on terrific shows too.

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