• For your profile you should look for a question I asked on my account and for just answering a question I don't know. Sorry.
  • AB tends to have some, of which I am suffering of... It may also be your computer because on another computer, AB runs fine. If you're asking how? then you click on "upload Image" down there...and search for a picture you would like to upload.
  • This has been a MAJOR glitch for months now kitty, and it's been driving me crazy!! Sometimes it takes two, three, even four tries to upload pictures!! It will work eventually, but you have to keep trying. Hopefully this will be fixed in the not too distant future;)
  • I often don't get to see pictures that I upload when I click on "Preview Answer". However, If I click "Submit Answer" then click "See My Answer" on the acknowledgment page, the pictures are almost invariably present. Good luck . . .
  • Just have to keep trying I'm afraid. It's a glitch. It will display in the end.
  • Something that I've found works pretty well for me is to submit the answer and then go back and upload the picture by itself. The success rate seems to be higher that way, at least for me anyway.
  • I have noticed that sometimes when I upload a picture it doesn't show as uploaded but it has been uploaded. You will notice once you click AB Home an you will see that the picture has been actually uploaded.
  • I have been trying to upload a couple of pics all night! I was leaving a comment to someone elses comment in the original question that I posted (did you get that? lol), and it will either get stuck on a page that does nothing except say 'processing', or 'picture has already been uploaded', but there is no picture. I have tried all of the options listed in the answers on this page, but no picture! Any suggestions?
  • Sometimes you have to load them more than once. From my profile: Posting a picture in an ANSWER You post a pic in an answer, not a question. If it is an integral part of the question, note that the picture(s) will be posted in your answer, then, once the question is posted, go back and answer your question. 1) Pictures MUST be on your computer. 2) Enter whatever you wish in the answer box. 3) Below the answer box there's a button UPLOAD IMAGE 4) Browse to your picture 5) Click Upload. 6) Do 3 & 4 for each picture you wish to upload. 7) Click SUBMIT BE WARNED. There are times it doesn't work correctly. If you DO upload a (or more than one) picture, they MAY NOT upload the first time. Go back to your answer to verify that it uploaded. If not, a) Click EDIT ANSWER b) Do steps 4-7, above, again. Check your answer, again. SOME may not upload right. Keep trying a-b until all pix you wish to upload are in. AB Staff is aware of the problems with uploading images.

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