• I have had expensive and non expensive coffee makers. The $20 12-cup coffeemaker from WalMart works fine. So does the $10 4-cup coffee maker from BiMart. And I have had both for a very long time. They don't die! The only problem seems to be That the heating plate on the smaller one is too hot and will scorch the coffee if left too long. But the pot that is supposed to hold 4 cups only holds two mugs worth so it doesn't matter!
  • Go to either Target or Wal-Mart and shop to your heart's content. They have lots of models that would fit the bill for a lot less than $100. We cheaped out and got a ten dollar one from Target that didn't have the timer, but they had those for about twenty bucks. The one we have only makes us wait for about two minutes anyway.
  • I know Bunn's are good... do you have a warranty? I say just go to walmart or target close your eyes and pick out one, they will all claim to be the best. I know this is serious business because you like your coffee. ;)
  • I have an inexpensive one that has a is waiting for me when I get up. (I hate making coffee first thing in the morning) :-)
  • I just pop Excedrin for caffeine.
  • Start drinking tea. It's cleaner, neater and doesn't require any expensive machinery.
  • I sometimes get offers from Gevalia and they sometimes give u a free coffee maker if you just try their coffee one time and it is not expensive to do this promotional thing . . . maybe you should check out their site?
  • I have the Hamilton Beach that brews into a reservoir and you put your cup up to the lever to fill your cup. It brews really fast. I love mine. I got the tall one so I can fill my thermal cup but they make a shorter one for regular coffee cups. I don't remember how much it was, but it wasn't that expensive. I feel for you buddy. GOT TO HAVE THAT CAFFEINE. ;o)
  • I have a Black and Decker Versabrew that works pretty good and it was cheap at Wal-Mart. I think $20.00. It has a timer and that stop thing you want so you don't have to wait in the mornings.
  • Couldnt you just do it manually? Like tea spoon of coffee in a cup, sugar and milk or whatnot then add hot water from kettle. Simple.
  • All coffee makers esentually do the same job, it depends if you want a standard filter coffee maker or one that'll grind fresh beans and then make your coffee, i mean they all boil water and pass it through a coffee pot with a filter, the best ones have a built in washable filter so you dont have to buy paper ones and also they have a stronger flavor button where it slows doen the water process and gives you a nice stronger coffee.
  • I like all coffee makers. In US they run about $20 to $40, so they are very affordable, no matter which one you want. If you like gourmet coffee you might opt for an espresso machine.
  • I find Bun coffee makers out last all others. As for making the best tasting cup I think it mainly depends on the brand of coffee.
  • If you want delicious coffee and have an extra minute or two, I would recommend a French press. I think the flavor of the coffee is far superior than a drip coffee maker. I put mine into a carafe after it has brewed to keep it hot. :)
  • A lot of it is going to depend on how much you drink coffee. If you drink a lot of coffee and just flat out need the caffeine, then a Mr Coffee would probably do fine. If you are a one cup at a time drinker then buy something higher in quality. I guess the question to you is what do you consider cost effective. Some might say $20 and some might say $200.
  • sorry he's already taken:)
  • I have a Mr. Coffee that will pre-set and brew when it is programmed. As in "Best Part of Waking Up Is...." the thing starting on its own. I got mine at JC Penny on a Huge sale very recently after my previous coffee maker died suddenly.
  • So Fix it! Take it apart & look for a Silver tubular part with writing on it that is about 3/4" long with a wire coming out each end & about as thick as a lollipop stick!This is a thermal Safety Device that is kinda like a Fuse. Take it to an Appliance Repair Place & show it to them. They will sell U one according to the writing on Urs. Cut Urs out & wire the new one in. All small Appliances use them & they all Fail!!! They only cost a buck or so & I have replaced 8 for myself & friends, no problem. John
  • You could try troubleshooting and fixing the old coffee maker. They're not terribly complicated. Simple items like switches and heating elements can be replaced. It's well worth an hour with a few simple tools and a test meter to restore a good appliance like that to life. +5

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