• Points for the laugh, thank you :o))
  • That would have been nice. You could have taken it out to dinner maybe gone bowling with the spider. After that, you should have gone for a walk in the park. I'm sure the spider would have loved to spend time with you. But its all too late now!
  • You were very brave just to be in the same room as it *shudders* Well done on a brave job :-)
  • Barefoot? Hell yes! What if it was a black widow or one of those brown... re-somethings. If you had shoes on then nah, stomp away with reckless abandon and know that somewhere Chezter supports your violence EDIT: Brown Recluse that's what it was. Was it this thing? DAYAM!
  • I don't think you should give the spider a second thought, you got him before he got you. It was just a matter of time.... ;)
  • I had a run in with a spider, it's been downhill since then. The freaking Colts lost, and I'm just bummed out right now!
  • My daughter slapped a spider off her neck and it was a brown recluse. It's a good thing she saved it. She was treated and is fine, but if she had let it go, it would have been bad.
  • I always like picking them up with a paper towel, and relocating them outside. I hate killing anything, even if its a bug. It's all about Karma..
  • Personally, I would have carefully caught the spider in a glass or paper towel and put him outside. I don't kill spiders. They are extremely beneficial creatures and very misunderstood, much like bats. Besides that, I don't kill anything, if I can help it. I don't think it's my job to play God. Unless it's a real threat to me, I don't have the right to decide what lives and dies. Downrate away, if you wish. It's how I feel.
  • Why would want to go that? It would have just made squishing him even harder. By the way Jay thanks you for taking it out. I just got a mental image of him chasing it across heaven to kill it all over again.
  • Unless the spider complains no one cares.
  • I don't think you have to. While I understand the points about karma and all being equal before death, insects can carry diseases and spiders, as you know, have poisons in their arsenal. Not all of them, but enough that you have the right to step first and ask questions later. What do you think would happen to you if you walked into a spider's web? Well, of course, you'd just have some clingy stuff on you. But if you were much smaller?
  • Man, I hate spiders. I think the only good spider is a dead one.
  • Was the spider inside or outside? If it was inside, then it was clearly trespassing!
  • i'm arachnophobic you killed a spider you are now my hero :)
  • Too late!It's family is coming after you...
  • The spider wouldn't have wanted to get to know YOU better before it bit you or crawled into your underwear or something even more creepy. You did the right thing.
  • There should never be a bond between murderer and victim. Why, I do not know. But, anyway, good thing you killed it. If you just cripple them, they come back with friends and seek vengeance, you know...
  • Ugh. Hate the things. Even though in a sense they tend to help keep the bug population down in a sense. I had one big one ,not certain of the type, but it was hiding in my toilet paper roll in the bathroom, and when I went inside to clean one day , i went to move that roll, and the damn thing inside it, took a jump at my face! You talk about making someone hate spiders? Theyre all good squished if they are invading my home !

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