• It's all good! Eat what you want. Just don't drink out of the toilet.
  • I believe cheesecake is an acceptable breakfast food and in my personal diet book it is even better for you.
  • I think both are perfectly acceptable breakfast foods. better than eggs, that's for sure. I like eggs...just not first thing in the morning. BLEECCKK!!!
  • Who told you they were unexceptable. As long as I'm buying, I'll eat what I want when I want. haha I eat bacon and eggs for supper lots of nights.
  • They are all acceptable as breakfast when you live on your own and don't have children. You can even eat dessert first for dinner!
  • To be quite honest I think doughnuts are totally unacceptable to me as a breakfast food. They are incredibly unhealthy for the body and terrible for the teeth.
  • Personally I have eaten half a cheesecake for breakfast so I find it perfectly acceptable : )
  • Because it is hard to eat those things while driving and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time. Donuts are an easy "grab and go" food which makes them popular for breakfast, that and they are tasty. People worried about nutrition will say donuts are not acceptable, but neither are carrot sticks acceptable with my cofee either. JELLY DONUTS FOREVER!
  • A single plain donut has significantly fewer calories than a piece of cheesecake or a hot fudge sundae or a bagel or a muffin. Still not the best breakfast option, but better than most other dessert-y/bread-y things.
  • I think whatever you want to eat is a fine breakfast. In other countries they eat noodles and soup with meat chunks and veggies. We tend to eat starches and carbs. Whatever starts your engine. My dad taught me that it's a good thing to eat the dessert you had the night before for breakfast. I still do that at times. It's a once in awhile thing. So what? It tastes good, is already cooked and I like it:-)
  • Maybe because donuts have been around and always been described as a "breakfast food"?
  • You obviously didn't grow up in my house;)
  • I didn't realise they were.
  • It's all acceptable in my house, if there's time for breakfast at all. Hot fudge sundaes might be a bit elaborate for the morning schedule but cheesecake is right in there with donuts. I like all of these things, but donuts are the most portable in times of scheduling crisis. That's no reason to pooh-pooh the others. For a healthy choice, I will usually grab a banana, however.
  • I guess it just that it heavy on your stomach -- I've never heard of any food being unacceptable at any meal
  • I see that at work all the time, moms come in with thier kids and tell them to pick out something for breakfast. The moms tell them they can't have ice creams or candy, but will let them have those six packs of powdered doughnuts. The cashiers and I have looked, a snickers bar has less calories and more nutrition than the doughnuts. It makes no sense. We sell fruit, buy them an apple or a banana.
  • Since when are doughnuts acceptable as breakfast food?

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