• This behaviour may not be permitted, unless there is a specific legal reason for it. Possible reasons include: making a record of a public or private area for security purposes, recording someone who is in the process of committing a crime, and gathering evidence from a person suspected of criminal activity. Exceptions tend to fall under the umbrella of security, law enforcement, and media investigations. Sometimes there is a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. Recording individuals in your home without their consent could be considered an invasion of privacy depending on where you live and for what purposes you use the recordings. The individual subject to surveillance may have a legal basis for recovering the material from you and, perhaps, having you fined. This can be a delicate situation, because if the recordings you make are of people who do not like this type of surveillance or have not granted you permission to record them, you might find yourself in legal trouble and losing a friend or acquaintance. For example, if I take your picture in the street, without your consent, and then sell it to a newspaper for profit, you could have the legal right to have all copies of the picture returned (e.g., digital files, negatives, positives, prints), all monies from its sale turned over, and receive compensatory damages. If you are not the subject of the picture and it is used for journalistic purposes, recording your image is usually permitted. This is why photographers ask people to sign a model release form.
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      And what expectation of privacy do u have in my home?
  • Depends entirely on your state many of which will allow recording a conversation if just one person in the conversation gives permission ahead of time.
  • Where I live it's perfectly legal. As long as one party who is involved in the conversation knows it's being recorded, you're all good.
  • it might not be
  • it might be illegal if the person didnt know about it

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