• Yes, its true, as long as you are talking about phytoplankton, they are the "plant plankton" as opposed to the zooplankton, which are the 'animal plankton.' ( phyto- means plant; zoo- means animal; plankton means drifting.) And "much" is the correct term, but just how much? Here's what I found just on page one of a Google, ...produce some of the oxygen.. ...the number one producers of oxygen in the world ...produce half of the world's oxygen ...more than half (perhaps up to 70%) ...70% ... more oxygen than all plant life on the earth ...plankton produce 75% of the world's oxygen. much as 80% of the world's oxygen supply ...90% of the worlds oxygen (!!! but that is from a site selling some miracle cure made from plankton) ...nearly all... So it's some where between "some" and "nearly all" BUT The site for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the largest independent oceanographic institution in the world, says "...phytoplankton produce nearly half of the Earth's oxygen "I'd go with them, oceanography is their only business, they should know if anybody does. So... Phytoplankton produce much, nearly half, of our oxygen. ( And this is OUR oxygen, the rest of you go find your own plankton. Nyah!)

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