• At home with the ones you love most. To accent the romantic atmosphere that home inherently represents, consider cleaning it to a polish, arranging the furniture to tell a story, and garnish it with a few flowers that are preferably symbolic. As in any restaurant, the coupe de grace comes from the cuisine. The romantic does not come from aphrodisiacs, though champagne for celebration is a plus. Instead, consider dishes that are a representation of the relationship, be it spicy, mild, festive, colorful, serene, unique, exotic, or fishy.
  • I think a little spot in your own home, be it set up a table in your bedroom or on a balcony or deck, by a fireplace, just a little table for two so you have to sit real close. A tablecloth, candlelight, flowers, cloth napkins, soft lighting. And some finger food:-)
  • A good italian restaraunt with a guitar player who will play the song from lady n the tramp while with your say that cause i did it in was fun
  • a boat =]]

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