• Fondant is a paste often used to embellish cakes. In its basic form, fondant is made of sugar and water. This paste is rolled and flattened then placed on top of a cake previously frosted in order for the fondant to “glue” itself to it. In other words, fondant is a thick chewy form of frosting. Fondant cakes are most often used to embellish wedding cakes. However, it can be used to decorate any type of cake. Specially if you want to create 3 dimensional flowers, bows and ribbons.
  • It's called fondant or Sugarpaste. It is like a sugar clay paste that you can roll out and drape over a cake or formed into shapes. It makes a really nice smooth covering for cakes. You can make it or you can even buy it from places that sell cake decorating supplies. You can tint it with coloring to any shade you want. DO not freeze it. It can be made from sugar and water or another easy version uses marshmallows. Here's a good place with directions for the marshmallow version. Here's a site that tells you how to make some fondant and they even will sell you some white or chocolate fondant (sugarpaste)

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