• One I don't get.
  • How about acting like Glenn Quagmire and go Giggidy, giggidy, gig-gi-dy goog
  • when your friend calls, (lets say his name is bob) in the middle of a sentence, hold the phone at arm lenth and shout: Is that Bob?! (or whatever his name is) i got a bone to pick with that ____(Jerk, or whatever you want. then say something like look, it's not even Bob, okay. then whisper somthing like, hey do you owe (random name her) money? he say you owe him big bucks.
  • umm???
  • Find some place that has an intercom system--bowling alleys are the BEST for this. You can also try it at a bar. Make sure you talk to a guy and say: "Can you page Jack Mehoff?" It's an oldie so try to pick on a younger guy. Sit back and see how many times the guy yells out Jack Mehoff before he realizes what he's saying. This is funnier is you're there and use a cell phone so you can see the reaction.
  • call a deli and ask them if they have pigs feet,if they say yes we do,then tell the deli clerk to wear shoes,no one will ever notice.

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