• I wish I knew! My cats drive me NUTS with that!!!
  • I have cats all my life and never had one that liked to chew plastic. Believe me I have had some weird cats! It doesn't sound safe though, I'd be afraid he'd choke.
  • Because our cat is a 23 pound knucklehead.
  • I read from a previous article about why cats chew plastic and they stated :"Cats enjoy licking plastic bags because they’re probably attracted to the rendered animal fat (this fat is also known as “tallow”) that is contained in the plastic. Some hand and face creams contain extracts of farm animals, such as collagen, and cats will occasionally lick at these. I had a cat named Emma who used to love to lick photographs. Photographs contain an emulsion that has gelatin, an animal product, as one of its ingredients, and Emma loved the taste of it." I hope this helps.
  • Mickey, my black and white Avatar goes crazy for the plastic on window envelopes. Why? I have no idea, but MainCoonLover's explanation seems very interesting and logical.

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